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Nejel = Nejel Records + Nejel Distro

* Nejel Records - record company spreading filth since January 1st 2017.
2017-01-01 NR1: Åbe - Dealbreaker - Digital single.
2017-12-15 NR2: YEAH! / Åbe - Split 7" vinyl and digital.

2017-12-27 NR4: Åbe - In 24 Years When Only Trash Has Survived - Vinyl and digital.

* Nejel Distro - distributing filth since September 7th 2016. Unique musique items straight from the source, displayed in Nejel Distro webshop instead of littering basements.



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Q: Why the fixed price in Nejel Distro?
A: Nejel is very uninterested in money, and by using a fixed price, no energy is wasted on these matters and instead used elsewhere useful. The fixed price is also a tribute to the Swedish punk compilation record series Definitivt 50 spänn. The fixed price for shipping is also meant to unite the world.

Q: When is the next Nejel Records release?
A: Probably in December 2017; Split 7" with YEAH! and Åbe, followed by Åbe's album In 24 Years When Only Trash Has Survived.