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Nejel = Nejel Records + Nejel Distro

* Nejel Records - record company spreading filth since January 1st 2017.
2017-01-01 Åbe - Dealbreaker. Digital single.

* Nejel Distro - distributing filth since September 7th 2016. Unique musique items straight from the source, displayed in Nejel Distro webshop instead of littering basements. All items in Nejel Distro and worldwide shipping has a fixed price of SEK 50 (about €/£/$5). 



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Q: Why the fixed price in Nejel Distro?
A: Nejel is very uninterested in money, and by using a fixed price, no energy is wasted on these matters and instead used elsewhere useful. The fixed price is also a tribute to the Swedish punk compilation record series Definitivt 50 spänn. The fixed price for shipping is also meant to unite the world.

Q: When is the next Nejel Records release?
A: Probably in October 2017; Split 7" with YEAH! and Åbe, followed by Åbe's album In 24 Years When Only Trash Has Survived.